Motoring Offences?

Motoring Offences?
Motoring Offences?

Motoring Offences?

Been caught speeding? Awarded unfair points? At risk of losing your licence? Facing a drink driving charge?

Disqualification from driving has an enormous impact on everyday life. It impinges on your family life and can even cause you to lose your job. With the growing number of speed cameras appearing on our roads and traffic congestion on the increase, momentary lapses of concentration can result in catastrophic consequences.

For some driving offences a driving ban is mandatory. In some cases it is up to the discretion of the Judge. A Specialist Driving Offence Solicitor knows how to present mitigating circumstances and can often get a penalty reduced.

Molesworths have an experienced team of Specialist Road Traffic and Driving Offence Solicitors who can defend you against a driving ban. If you have been stopped for a motoring offence, we may be able to help you avoid conviction or reduce the severity of your punishment.

Our specialist defence solicitors can help you with:

• Speeding Offences
• Dangerous of Careless Driving Offences
• Three Penalty Point Totting Up
• Penalty Points Totting Up
• Mobile Phone Offences
• Drink Driving Offences
• Failure to Provide a Specimen.
• Failure to Provide Information.
• Traffic Light Offences.
• Driving without Insurance.

By hiring a Specialist Road Traffic Offence Solicitor at Molesworths, you get an expert who understands Road Traffic Law and who can present the best defence to help you avoid conviction. In the event you are convicted, we can help you keep the penalty points or a period of disqualification to a minimum.

Molesworths Solicitors can also assist in applications for early reinstatement of your driving licence.

If you have been awarded points on your licence unfairly, or have a driving ban which threatens your livelihood then contact an expert Driving Offence Lawyer at Molesworths Solicitors now on 01706 356666 or 07710 692693 in an emergency. 

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